Privacy Policy
Blended Learning always gives much more importance to privacy of all users of the site.
Blended Learning provides a platform for the candidates / job-seekers to practice interview skills and also enrich their English language. This privacy policy covers Blended Learning’s policies, procedures and practices in relation to how the information is collected, how it is used, transferred, stored, revealed and protected. By using our website, you give us your consent to the collection, use, transfer, storage and  disclosure of information as stated in our privacy policy.
We, respect privacy of the users. Therefore, we take all necessary measures to keep data safe from all prying eyes, third-party agents, cyber attacks, data hackers etc.

User Information
Blended Learning never attempts to capture information in any way that is not ethically right. We make use of ethical means to get information we may require from our users (so that we can serve our users well).

Collection of personal and anonymous data
We collect both personal and anonymous data. For instance, when you register on our site or create an account you provide us your  personal information (this helps identify, serve you better or contact you as required). The information that we may collect (using Google analytics and other analytics tools) such as IP address, mobile device used to access the site for practice, browser used, resources that  directed you to our site, website usage data and other data that does not itself link to or permit the identification of any individual candidate or user. This anonymous data collected, received is often not stored by us and it is used temporarily for assessing or improving our site’ usage, popularity, functionalities, user activities etc.

Personally identified information
If you are just a visitor to our site and do not attempt registration then you may not have to give your personal details but if you are looking forward to register on our website, take the services provided by Blended Learning then you will have to provide all necessary details which include but may not just limited to your name, age, phone number, mailing address, email id and other essential details that can help us identify you and provide you the best services that we can. You provide this information through “registration form” present on our website or through “contact-us page” as well.  Moreover, we may receive this information from users via other means as well such as phone call or email as often our users interact with us through email and phone call.

Data Safety / Security Measures at Blended Learning
Blended Learning gives utmost importance to security of the data that is received or collected, whether it is personally identified data or anonymous data. Data you submit or collected is accessible to only authorized agents , employees, process-based experts at the firm.
We put to use advanced technologies to protect data that we collect or receive from candidates. Data received or collected is always protected from all sorts of alterations, misuse, unauthorized access, destruction, disclosure and unethical marketing. (Although we take all stricter measures, put to use latest technologies to secure the data, yet we do not guarantee of its 100 % security as often technical failure, unauthorized entry or other technical problems or data breaches may compromise the security or integrity of the data at any point of time).

Transactions (protecting sensitive information)
Transactions are appropriately conducted,processed, refunded, settled as required through our site using a secure payment gateway system. Only select personnel (higher authority, management team) can have access to sensitive information that you submit or share with us or use for all transaction through the site (include but not just limited to bank account numbers, debit, credit card numbers - visa, master and other cards or any other financial data).
It should also be mentioned that even if you close your account with us, stopped taking the services from us, we will retain certain data to meet our own obligations and this sensitive data may or may not be removed or deleted. However, it is not used, transferred or sold in any case.

Do we share / sell information?
We never sell or share your information with anyone. Even if anyone asks us about you, we take your permission and upon your permission we proceed to do so, We do not sell your data to any third-party as we consider it unethical. But, in legal matters, when we are expected to abide by governing rules, we reveal your information.  

No Control Over Third-party sites
Candidates may find on our website some other third-party site information or links which can take them to other third-party sites. Blended Learning doesn’t take the guarantee of the accuracy, genuinity of data of those sites nor does it have any type of control over how they are collecting the data, how do they use it, whether they have any storage procedures, whether they make any security measures etc.For third-party sites, we should not be held responsible for any misuse of your data in any form by them.

Marketing Purpose            
We understand that some of the customers / users of the site would look for some offers, prizes, freebies etc. Therefore, we contact our users or customers using the data we have of them by sending them emails, calling them or by other means as required (For instance, we can send you an email to let you know more about offers we are running on our services. Of course, you, as one of our email recipients, will have the option unsubscribe for the emails. If once, unsubscribed, you will no longer receive any email from us).

If you do not wish to get contacted for any offer, you can email us to
If you would like to know more about our privacy policy, then please, email us to